Photo/Film Production Zermatt

Dany Biner

Dany Biner was barely 18 when he completed his mountain guide exams. For five years he remained the youngest mountain guide in Switzerland.

Dany contributes thirty years of experience to Longsleeve, encompassing ice climbing, sport climbing, canyoning, technical climbing, expedition climbing and medical know-how. He has been working in the rescue service for decades. He also has two Himalayan expeditions under his belt.

Needless to say, Dany lives in Zermatt with a panoramic view of the mountains. After all, he was born wearing climbing boots. Even his dad ascended the Matterhorn in the record time of three hours at the tender age of fifteen.

Photo/Film Production Zermatt

Olaf Lumma

For years the commercial photographer Olaf Lumma has pursued his passion for outdoor sports behind the camera. This is what first brought him to the Matterhorn. Since then he has been in thrall to the idea of combining mountain and camera.

For him Longsleeve Productions is the perfect catalyst for people from different worlds who are keen to cooperate. When it comes to team play Olaf has experience enough, both as a photographer for international commercial clients and as owner of the Hamburg-based Play-Studios.

The contrast to Zermatt could hardly be greater: his two daylight-flooded studios are located in the middle of Hamburg’s hip Schanze district.

Cornie Le Roux

Cornie Le Roux has been handling international photo productions for more than ten years. His expertise encompasses most aspects of photography and moving images – budgeting, crewing, logistics, equipment, set management, catering and casting, in the studio or on location.

His legendary tenacity is founded on his degree in management and years spent on sets from Africa to Europe. What he wants, he gets. Only the weather is still not entirely under his control. Cornie left his place of birth, Cape Town, to explore and produce in the shadows of new mountains – and the whole of Europe.